BBQ 101

With terms like Meaty Buns, St. Louis Cut, Texas Style and Dry Rub, we thought we would clear some things up for you.

St. Louis Cut Ribs

This refers to the cut of the rib. These spare ribs are a good mix of meat and fat. While this meat won’t be falling off the bone it will be close.

Carolina Style

This refers to pork, whole hogs, shoulders and or butts. Typically chopped or pulled and served with a vinegar based sauce North Carolina. South Carolina is a mustard based sauce with a little spicy added. We offer both styles.

Texas Style

This refers to beef (typically brisket) and our big beef ribs. Seasoned with just our own special rub and then smoked for many hours. Texans usually go big or go home.

Barbeque Sauce

Choose from Larry J’s Original, Texas, (Big and Bold), Arkansas Red, (Spicy Hot), Honey Chipotle, (Sweet with a touch of heat), North Carolina, (Zesty Vinegar), South Carolina, (Tangy brown mustard), Jamaican Jerk, (Tropical heat)
Our sauces are packed for sell.